Sunday, December 21, 2008

One for each night, they spread a sweet light, to remind us....

...that anything is awesome if fire is involved.

So we did the first night of Hanukkah the other night. Well, we did a lot of things actually. We ate dinner, read the Hanukkah story, made chocolate chip cookies, make cookies for the dogs, put a Christmas record on the record player and took a bath while listening and played dreidel in the tub. I'll be damned if this kid isn't multi-cultured after tonight. Ha.

This year she could light the candles all by herself, so she was very proud. I know only one candle should be lit but hey, we figured we'd take her candle lighting skills and run with it and light all 8 for kicks.

And of course, my favorite. The look of sheer terror. Maybe at the thought of a big fat guy in a red suit sneaking into the house at night?

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