Sunday, January 25, 2009

And keeps shattering....

My cute little Kiwi died on Friday. It was totally out of the blue...well kind of. She was having heart murmurs and breathing issues I noticed on Wednesday, but seemed fine otherwise. She ate and hopped around like usual. But Friday she got worse, and when I got home from work I picked her up to cuddle her. When I put her down, she walked a few steps, then fell over, took a few breaths, and was gone.

Meanwhile I sat on the couch for a half hour bawling my eyes out and clutching my other piggie (yes I know Kiwi was "just a guinea pig", screw you.) before I wrapped her in a blankie and drove out to my parents to bury her outside in the dark next to my childhood piggie.

Godspeed Ki, you were my piggie. I'll miss your cute little hops, the way I could hear you squeal when I walked in the garage door, the way you continued squealing until I came in to say hi. I'll miss the way you squealed whenever you heard the refrigerator open in hopes you were getting a veggie treat. I'll miss the way Kevin would get so pissed at you because you and your sister would wake him up with your excited squeals. I'll miss seeing your little piggie butt scurry down the hallway when I caught you red handed out of your cage, and seeing you hop back in like you weren't up to anything. I'll miss seeing your little head peek around the corner when I called you. I'll miss how little and pissed you looked when you were soaking wet in the sink after a bath. I'll miss watching you munch on veggies on the floor with the family on Christmas morning. I'll miss burrowing my nose behind your little ears when I hugged you. Even though you were "just a guinea pig".

I still remember the day 5 years ago that I picked out you and your sister, 2 tiny fuzz balls in a baby pool with a hundred other piggies in a garage of some creepy guinea pig farm. I smuggled you in my dorm (no pets allowed!) for 6 months.

You are quite possibly the best $20 I've ever spent. It's so quiet now and your sister is looking for you still. :(

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