Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A first for everyone.

Today was inauguration day. And apparently the whole thing went by without a hitch. Which honestly amazes me considering the amount of hatred being spewed forth from the mouths of so many people at the idea of a Black man being president. I wanted to hurt them with my bare hands until I realized my hating them for hating others was pretty much hypocritical and nonproductive. But anyway, high five America. You didn't shoot anyone or kill anyone or scream racist comments. Good for you for being civilized for once in history. Keep it up, will ya?

And ironically enough, the day before inauguration day was Martin Luther King day. Seriously, I guess instead of focusing on the bigoted assholes that make me hate my species I should focus on the fact that two people made such history. Who ever thought that a woman that wouldn't give up her seat on the bus would be honored for all time? Who ever thought that a single man would make history with only his words? Pretty f'in cool.

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