Friday, June 5, 2009

Don't mess with me, I'm menstruating.

I am so fucking sick of people blaming their race on me hating them. Seriously. You know why I hate you? Because you are trash and if it was legal for me to blow your freaking head off, I would love to. That's why. I don't give a shit where you are from or what color your skin is. I hate you because you are wasting my time and are a useless human being.

Jen, Leslie, and I went to go see Hangover today and some guy and his wife were sitting behind us. They, of course, had to be those people that speak to each other in a normal voice during the movie. Then he decides to check his voicemail, on speakerphone. I turn around and say "can you please turn that off, it's very loud". He stares me down and I continue watching the movie. Then they start kicking my chair and talking some more. They do this for a LONG time. I finally turn around and say "Be quiet. I am not asking you again". To this he leans forward and says "Sorry I'm not white little bitch".

Did I rage in his face and tell him he is the reason Indians are considered lazy ass pieces of trash that live in filth and mooch off the system? Did I tell him to go back to the rez and fuck himself? Nope. I got up and went to the manager and told him. He follows me in and tells the guy to shut up basically. Mr. Piece of Shit then says "well she keeps pushing her chair back and hitting our legs and she's been on her cell phone this whole time".

Wow. Just wow. Way to be a shady little lying asshat.

Manager leaves and Mr. Piece of Shit continues to screw around. Movie is over and he stands up and decides it's cool to lean over Leslie like he's humping her head. I turn around and say "what???" and he stares at me.

We leave, and the manager won't comp me the movie because I only reported the guy ONCE during the movie. Apparently it needs to be twice for them to remove him.
You sir, are the reason why I hate people. Indians, Mexicans, Blacks, Whites, whatever. I hate all of you that pull shit like that. The "sorry I'm not White" card.

Fuck you. And fuck you Harkins.

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