Sunday, December 21, 2008

One for each night, they spread a sweet light, to remind us....

...that anything is awesome if fire is involved.

So we did the first night of Hanukkah the other night. Well, we did a lot of things actually. We ate dinner, read the Hanukkah story, made chocolate chip cookies, make cookies for the dogs, put a Christmas record on the record player and took a bath while listening and played dreidel in the tub. I'll be damned if this kid isn't multi-cultured after tonight. Ha.

This year she could light the candles all by herself, so she was very proud. I know only one candle should be lit but hey, we figured we'd take her candle lighting skills and run with it and light all 8 for kicks.

And of course, my favorite. The look of sheer terror. Maybe at the thought of a big fat guy in a red suit sneaking into the house at night?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I showed the park my bum.

Yes. I was carrying Dean and wearing my scrubs that, despite the fact they are extra smalls, still don't fit well. My drawstring came undone, and wouldn't you know it, my bare ass was out for all to see. Because yes folks, I go commando in scrubs. So now you know, in addition to about 25-30 other people in the northeast Phoenix community. Thank god Dean has big feet that covered up the front.

As soon as we got in the car, Ava bursts out "Your panties were lost!!"

Sunday, October 12, 2008

People never cease to amaze me.

I keep seeing this commercial on TV. I know people suck, but does the narrow minded and bigoted hatred really need to be spread on TV? Really, children are watching. My 3 year old cousin watches Good Fellas but I refuse to let him see this bullshit.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I think I'll just leave this blank, thanks.

The party's over
A record skipping
It's the same song repeating
Grows more grating with each passing second...
And the walls contain a resonation, laughter, and conversation.
It was fun while it lasted, but now we should be going.
I hope everybody had a real good time
The hospitality's partaken, my head is flying my heart's racing to keep up.
And I hope I havent overdone it
I hope my body can take it.
It's only this fucked up I start realizing
all this living is just dying
and if these are my friends, if this is my home,
if this is how I spend my nights, how I communicate, and demonstrate a love of life.
My eyes roll into the back of my head, if these are the last words that I ever said
No I'm not ready to die just yet.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Little House on the...602

So I feel strangely connected to Laura Ingalls Wilder from Little House on the Prairie. That we should be living in a house made of logs instead of bricks, and I should be driving a covered wagon instead of a Honda and churning out babies left and right from under my many petticoats.

We moved in here without realizing we have no microwave and haven't gotten around to getting one (although instead of sitting on Blogger typing this I guess I could be driving my ass to Target to get one huh?). We also had no washer or dryer, so we bought some used ones of Craigslist. Bad move...the washer filled up with water and then died, proceeding to leak water all over the laundry room and kitchen an hour before people started getting to our house for the party. I found some tubing in the shed to siphon all the water out, so now our laundry room is an appliance graveyard.

Do you know how many times a day I throw some food on a plate and then realize I have no microwave to put it in? I've been reheating everything on the stove, and this morning made oatmeal in a pot. Then I proceeded to go out back and do all our laundry in a huge basin with soap and water and my hands. Seriously...doing that much laundry by hand and getting it clean took over an hour. Wringing all of it out was worse. Now we have clothes all over the yard strung on my makeshift clothesline.

I'd make such a badass pioneer wife. Only knowing me, I'd probably die of dysentery.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tea parties, nail polish, and bugs.

Happy 4th birthday Ava! Only you would dress up in your fancy flower girl dress, get your nails painted and glitter put in your hair, and then go outside, catch some bugs and make a swamp in the mud on the side of the house. Somehow I don't think the phrase "sugar and spice and everything nice" applies to you. Maybe something more along the lines of "Dirt and snails and puppy dog tails...with a bottle of nail polish and some lace."

4 years have gone by rock my world kid!

And of course...the evil little brother that came crashing into your perfect world a year ago. Sorry about that. He really is pretty cool though, if you'd pay attention to him.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Watch out Tiger Woods!

Today Ava was playing with a plastic baseball bat pretending it was a golf club.

She swung it, and yelled happily "WHORE!!".

"Ava, the word is 'fore'."


Monday, August 11, 2008

Kick in the pants, anyone?

I have the easiest job in the world. A job that gives me about 4 hours of free time a day, and the remaining time is semi-free. The kid sleeps all the time. And when she's not sleeping, it's easy to plop her in a high chair with some Cheerios, or throw her in the sling on my back. So why oh why have I accomplished absolutely nothing these last few weeks? I'm making a list to make me feel even worse about myself, in hopes it will inspire me to crawl out of this dark hole of procrastination.

Things I've Done:
  • Sewn curtains
  • Complete summer school

Things I Need to Do:
  • Go through computer room closet and pull out useless crap
  • Go through bedroom closet and pull out useless crap
  • Go through hall closet and pull out useless crap
  • Go through downstairs hall closet and pull out useless crap
  • Take aforementioned massive amounts of useless crap to Goodwill
  • Go through freezer and throw out nasty crap
  • Get some packing boxes
  • Clean my poor car
  • Get rid of the recycling because our pantry is overflowing and our garage is starting to resemble a dump.

Yeah, that didn't help at all.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Earth is’ll always run in circles and come back where you started.

People seem to have this uncanny ability to move to a new place and "start fresh". Something about the different scenery, lifestyle, house, whatever, seems to make a bad situation disappear, or at least make it easier to move on.

But where is home exactly? Where your original family is? Where you begin your own family? Where your roots began or where you plant new roots? Which? I think your home is always where you came from, where you began, where the people you feel connected to are. I can't think of a word in English to describe it....but in German it's called gem├╝tlichkeit. It's not necessarily a place...just an untranslatable well-being of everything that's happened in your life, good and bad...memories of times gone by. Because we all start and end with family, and family isn't just blood. It's everyone you love....friends, pets, boyfriends and girlfriends. And that's where home is. Where all that is. Your problems will always be your problems, but the beautiful thing is, so will your family. And you can't run away from that. Ever.

I've lived in a lot of places in my life and when you do that, you can't find where you come from on a map. All those places you lived are just that: places. You don't come from any of them; you come from a series of events. And those are mapped in memories. Contingent, precarious events, without the counterpane of place to muffle the knowledge of how unlikely we all are. Almost not born at every turn. It's amazing. Without a place, events and family slow tumbling though time become your roots. Stories shading into one another. You come from a chance meeting of two people. A smile. Love. Unlikely, but it still happened. One in a million.

Tell the story, gather the events, and repeat the good ones without fear of repeating the failures your roots experience. You learned. Repeat the goodness, pattern is a matter of keeping happiness alive. Otherwise the weave relaxes back to threads picked up by birds to make their nests. Repeat, or the story will fall and all the king's horses and all the king's men....repeat, and cradle the pieces carefully, or the events will scatter like marbles on a wooden floor.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

And on to something new...

Hello Blogger!

I've gone from LiveJournal to Myspace and finally here, where I am finally satisfied with what I've got. Sorry MySpace, you just weren't doing it for me as far as blogs go.

Starting fresh is always other blog lets you look back to things I wrote in high school. That's never good.

And so it begins...