Monday, September 8, 2008

Little House on the...602

So I feel strangely connected to Laura Ingalls Wilder from Little House on the Prairie. That we should be living in a house made of logs instead of bricks, and I should be driving a covered wagon instead of a Honda and churning out babies left and right from under my many petticoats.

We moved in here without realizing we have no microwave and haven't gotten around to getting one (although instead of sitting on Blogger typing this I guess I could be driving my ass to Target to get one huh?). We also had no washer or dryer, so we bought some used ones of Craigslist. Bad move...the washer filled up with water and then died, proceeding to leak water all over the laundry room and kitchen an hour before people started getting to our house for the party. I found some tubing in the shed to siphon all the water out, so now our laundry room is an appliance graveyard.

Do you know how many times a day I throw some food on a plate and then realize I have no microwave to put it in? I've been reheating everything on the stove, and this morning made oatmeal in a pot. Then I proceeded to go out back and do all our laundry in a huge basin with soap and water and my hands. Seriously...doing that much laundry by hand and getting it clean took over an hour. Wringing all of it out was worse. Now we have clothes all over the yard strung on my makeshift clothesline.

I'd make such a badass pioneer wife. Only knowing me, I'd probably die of dysentery.