Thursday, September 30, 2010

I doubt we're welcome back there...

Liam and I won some raffle thing for a free photo collage at a portrait studio inside BuyBuyBaby in Chandler. So I drove all the way out there today to get a few pictures taken.I don't even really like the photos that come from portrait studios but hey, it was free.

He screamed the whole way out there because he hates the damn car, so by the time we got there I figured he was just going to be exhausted and pissed off and definitely not photogenic. Nope, I open the door to get him out of the back and he starts grinning at me. Little turd.

So they're doing the same ol' lame pictures of him on some dumb pillow with a dumb backdrop with dumb boring pastel colors. Typical crap. She goes to move him and he projectile vomits all over the backdrop. Like, massive amounts of curdled milk. That backdrop is not washable. Now it has a weird watermark stain on it. Go Liam! He laughed. Again.

Then, as we were walking out to the desk in the front of the studio, the lady goes, "Uh, he had an accident..."

I just assume he spit up again and went to grab a rag out of my bag. But something about the horror in her voice made me realize it wasn't spit up. Then I glanced down and saw the problem. When taking pictures of him in his cute little dinosaur printed cloth diaper, I had failed to tightly fasten it because I was in a hurry and he was squirming. I forgot to fix it before we left. He managed to take a large liquid yellow crap out the leghole and down his leg, dripping on the carpet of the studio. As I was walking. There was a 12 foot long shit drip trail behind us. And that stuff STAINS. I didn't quite know what to do, and the lady said they'd just call maintenance. Whatever that means. Good luck buddy.

So yeah, I don't think they'll be inviting us back anytime soon. Brand new studio. Brand new carpet. Brand new poop stain.

I love my kid.

Sunday, September 19, 2010