Thursday, December 23, 2010

...and from the ashes, something rises.

I'll be honest and say most of the time, I am not impressed with this world. Too many hurts, wrongs, sadness. I know there is just as much light and happiness but somehow the darkness seems to overshadow it. But then something happens to remind me why I love. Not love anyone or anything in particular, just love. In general. Miracles in the midst of devastation. Beauty in the midst of tragedy. I think somehow experiencing giving life in birth opens this shutter. A shutter that was previously blocking the full intensity of happiness and sadness. Since I experienced what was the most amazing and absolutely perfect thing on God's green earth when Liam was born, things somehow are more vivid in life. My shutter was opened. And what has happened these past few days is so intense that I can't even force the correct adjectives to flow through my fingers.

I have friends. That statement sounds so common, but to me it is bursting with meaning. Some don't even live here. Some struggle to put food on the table. But somehow it doesn't matter. And somehow, when it is needed, nothing is impossible.

In the span of two days, two friends experienced losses. The first was expecting the birth of a baby she was going to adopt, only to have the birth family change their mind. The second was going to the hospital expecting to give birth to her healthy baby girl, only to experience a tragedy that left her with empty arms and a broken heart.

It's always been stressed that Christmas is the season for giving. And is that ironic when a community is expecting to receive a beautiful Christmas baby, but it turns out the baby is not for the earth, but for God? Giving. Instead of receiving. Giving hope, tears, open arms.

A community of strugglers, who are also givers. $2000 was gathered in a span of 2 days to help with expenses incurred during the earthquake of life lost.

I have friends. And I've never been more proud to say that.

"Only in the agony of parting do we look into the depths of love." -George Eliot