Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lucky Thursdays.

An interesting turn of events occurred in Tempe tonight and we all ended up at a palm reader. Those places give me a weird feeling because first, I'm not sure if I believe in them in general and second, the idea that someone is able to "read" what really goes on inside my head/life is creepy and weird and invasive. But I tend to like creepy and weird things.

So. I got my palms read. And I had to made sure I only looked at my palms because the lady had this massive HAIRY HAIRY HAIRY wart on her chin that was drawing me in. Like, I couldn't tear my eyes away from it. It was like a small furry animal was comfortably nestled in the folds of her chin.

Tangent. A hairy one. Anyway.

So I couldn't look at her. She told me a lot of stuff and I'm still not sure if it sounded right because it's generic or if it was eerily true. And apparently I'm not supposed to share it with others. But I will say that she told me that most of the good things in my life happen on Thursdays.

Watch out Thursday, I have high hopes for you. Don't let me down!

Afterwards we went to Oreganos and I ended up with a slice of cheese pizza from the kids menu because the pizza our table ordered was a vegetable pizza and I have a love/hate relationship with veggies. Okay, no love at all actually.

At least now I know I won't get bombarded with vegetables on Thursdays.

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